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Balestra performance shoes

250 layne blvd #204

Hallandale , FL, 33009

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Full-Custom, Carbon Fiber Cycling Shoes: The BALESTRA uppers are manufactured in the United States and are not PVC products. They are designed to provide a high level of performance, and are resistant to puncture, tear, and abrasion in order to provide excellent durability. The upper will work like leather, but is much thinner, more durable, and soft. Each upper is backed by an ultra-lightweight non-woven fabric whose properties far exceed traditional woven nylon and polyester fabrics. This flexible laminate has high strength, low stretch, and extremely high tear resistance. All BALESTRA Custom shoes are constructed of 3k, Aerospace Grade carbon fiber. We do not hide inferior products under a single layer of a superior product. In addition to these important performance features, each style has embroidered logos, and an easy-to-change heel pad to protect the bottom of the shoe while off the bike. From the moment you decide to make the leap into the 21st century you will understand why the BALESTRA VR-1 is like no other shoe in the world. We don’t create a custom foot-bed, we build an entire system of carbon fiber which cradles your foot. Every nuance, every bump is taken into consideration making the VR-1 a glove for your foot. Just as the bike has evolved rapidly in the last five years, so has the bike shoe. First arrived the carbon sole, and recently the carbon shoe. Let BALESTRA take you where the rest of the cycling world is going tomorrow, today. We have spared no expense researching the very best materials and techniques available to bring the cycling shoe into the 21st century. Our goal is to provide you with the comfort you are accustomed to, the performance you deserve, and allow you to harness the power you never knew you had. BALESTRA - Lunge Forward