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Adventure and Active Travel has blossomed into an industry of its own as people have more discetionary income to travel worldwide and at the same time seek adventure and exercise as they travel. Outdoor industry manufactuers and distributors have responded by providing gear, apparel, footwear and accessories to accommodate this special kind of traveler. Retail stores, both small and large sell gear to travel enthusiasts. Adventure and Active travel companies who organize trips and tours have proliferated to accommodate this new market of travelers. Jobs are available in the manufacturing sector and with the companies who organize trips or operate specialty resorts or camps. Providing services to these companies are consultants, independent contractors and outside sales reps. Retail stores sell outdoor gear, equipment and apparel specifically for the active traveler. The retailers range from small, locally-owned stores to national chains such as REI or L.L. Bean. Yes, you too can follow your passion and work in the Adventure and Active Travel Industry!

Industry Organizations

Outdoor Outside Rep Associations

  • EORA  - Eastern Outdoor Reps Association
  • EWSRA  - Eastern Winter Sports Reps Association
  • MRA  - Midwestern Reps Association
  • NEWSR- New England Winter Sports Reps, Inc.
  • SWRARA  - Southeaster Winter Reps Association
  • WWSRA  - Western Winter Sports Reps Association
  • United State Reps Association

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Adventure and Active Travel Jobs and Careers