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Job Seekers Frequently Asked Questions

These are Frequently Asked Questions that may help you to use this site. If you have others, please contact us and we would be glad to be of assistance. We are diligent about answering our email.

We have made an effort to make this site intuitive for both the employer and job seeker to use and navigate easily. If you have suggestions we would like to hear them.

How do potential employers find the resume I posted?

If the employer has purchased the Resume Search Feature:
Employers may find your search by keyword and category searches. Be sure to categorize your resume that you upload correctly. You will be asked to write a brief profile about yourself. The profile you create will be searched by our program and will present the results to the employer. Be sure to include exact key words in your brief profile that the employer may write into the key word search form to find your resume.

If the employer has not purchased the Resume Search:

- Any job that you apply for, the employer will receive your resume and/or cover letter via email.

- If they have opted for you to fill out their online application form you will be led to that page when you press the "apply for this job" button.

How do employers find

Search engine placement in Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines. Type in the key word phrases in the engine search box: outdoor jobs, outdoor industry jobs, bicycle industry jobs, action sports industry jobs, paddlesport jobs and more and you will find us usually on the first page of listings.

Our weekly email newsletter to all employers and job seekers. We send the latest jobs and outside rep positions available to those in and outside the industry.

Word of mouth. This spread quickly as the weekly newsletter is passed to others who visit our site and sign up for our newsletter.

Facebook, Twitter and LInkedIn followers

Our service is free for the job seeker.

You will first be asked to sign in and create your profile. Resumes and cover letters may be uploaded as Microsoft Word documents or as a PDF files. Employers will receive your resume and cover letter via email if you apply for a job or may view your profile and resume and cover letter while logged in and online. We highly recommend that you make the effort to post a resume and cover letter as many employers will not consider you unless you have one posted.

They may contact you through email directly through the web site, or they may contact you via phone or regular mail using the contact information you have provided in your profile.

Please use our contact form and tell us the steps you made to get to the error and the error. We then can replicate the error and make the correction. If you find something as you post jobs or search for resumes that does not make sense or could be done a more efficient way, we would appreciate your feedback. We want to make this site as user-friendly as possible.

The data you post for the lines you are seeking will be posted differently and categorized differently than other job seeker categories. Employers can view the territories and lines you currently represent. You will be able to see available lines that employers post as well as territories they are seeking to be filled.

As you fill out your job seeker profile, be sure to mark in the form that you are an outside sales rep.You will be taken to an additional area that includes an online reference form about past retailers that you have serviced.

Very important. Employers have the opportunity to do a key word search. Be sure to place key words that include the type of job you are looking for. What you say about yourself here will give them an initial impression of you and will be a teaser of what is to come.