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2990 Turk Blvd. Suite 8

San Francisco, CA, 94118

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Company Description

BLUNT™ Umbrellas redefine personal weather protection with a series of design-focused umbrellas that are as chic and sleek as they are clever and effective. BLUNT™’s design originated 13 years ago on a rainy day in London as design Greig Brebner, hustled out the door on his way to work. As the downpour gathered force, his eyes were suddenly at the mercy of hundreds of bristling spikes: the ends of umbrellas being unfurled around him. Moments later the wind turned one of them inside out, its owner struggling to avoid taking out Greig’s eye. After recovering from the startle, Brebner began conceptualizing a design for an umbrella that is easier on the eyes, in more ways than one.

BLUNT™ umbrellas finally offer an umbrella that is not disposable but still ascetically pleasing.  Our stick umbrella line is rated up to 72 MPH and our new golf umbrellas are designed with a fiberglass stem that deflects lightening and makes them safe on the street or golf course even in the most intense storm.