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Fast Wax

709 Jefferson Ave SW, Suite D

Watertown, MN, 55388

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Company Description

Hi I’m Casey Kirt, owner of Fast Wax: the very fastest and very BEST ski wax on the planet.


Our Fast Wax formulas were discovered by Dan Meyer, a retired 3M scientist and genius with 18 patents on his inventions, who also happened to love to ski!

So in his garage Dan tinkered for years on a personal project: an attempt to create a ski wax that would perform better than any ski wax in existence (while also being better for the environment than any ski wax in existence).

After years of failed trials and tests, Dan finally unlocked the secret chemistry to creating the fastest and best ski wax available anywhere.

I am happy to answer any questions you have regarding the science behind Fast Waxes amazing durability, and more environmentally-friendly fluorocarbons, as acknowledged by the EPA. 

We are proud to offer a new, advanced ski wax, based on a new understanding of the science of speed.